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My opinion of the Vanilla Ice Project

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I watched part of an episode of the Vanilla Ice Project after seeing an ad and becoming intrigued.  Below is the letter I wrote to DIY Network when the show was over.  I wish I had pictures to go along with the text!  I’m not trying to disrespect DIY or Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle), I’m only making a point that a designer can bring invaluable talent, including continuity, to any project.

I saw a trailer and was curious about the Vanilla Ice Project show so I recorded the Master Suite episode. Having just watched it, I felt compelled to send an email.

At first, it seemed like a very real look into a remodel. The wrong tub arrived, they showed the ups and downs of remodeling, and set-backs to the schedule. It didn’t seem like the 1 day “magical” transformation that a lot of shows portray. But, during the reveal I wanted to contact Willy Wonka and have him use his TV transporter to transport me into the episode so I could point out all the design mistakes.

The shower hardware was traditional, fitting very well with the bones of the master bath suite. Starting with the shower door handle; it is the most basic C.R. Laurence handle on the market. Does that scream “bling”?!?!?!? Moving to the tub and sink faucets: Did he buy those on a separate trip and forget he was working on a traditional style bath? Can we say modern? Maybe he should tattoo a reminder before heading out to order his materials. The final thing (there are others) is that he used $0.23 BRIGHT WHITE light and outlet covers. After spending $2,000 on wallpaper, he leaves the cover plates bright white!??!?!? Maybe wallpaper them (not exactly my first choice for this situation, but better than white) or at the very least why not use a muted decorative plate. Or maybe Rob thinks that cheap glossy white cover plates add “bling“? They certainly do draw attention in a warm toned room.

RVW’s bio says he has had 15 years of renovating experience. I hope there isn’t a 15 year long trail of design mistakes strung thru Palm Beach! With all that experience, it seems like he would have added an interior designer to his posse.

Keep the entertainment coming!